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The Young Lion Mission

Young Lions Roar provides creative arts workshops for students to develop writing, performative skills, and social-emotional awareness skills, while also providing community opportunities pertaining to sharing their art through open mics and showcases. 

Young Lion’s Roar values can be summed up under “Make Good Art”; valuing the effort within the creative process (make), as well as creating narratives that are honest, innovative, and life-giving (Good), through the aesthetics of poetry (Art). 

Young Lion’s Roar fulfills these values through various workshops that take place monthly, geared toward challenging students to expand their creative thinking, and inspire them to create narratives that are true to them through the art of poetry; whether that be haikus, short poems, spoken word, or spoken rap pieces. 

Young Lions Roar exists in order to facilitate the creativity of youth while giving them an outlet that develops their self-reflective abilities, which in turn extends their abilities to acknowledge emotions, handle them with compassion and grace, and channel them in a way that is transformative to themselves first, and then their communities.

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Provoking Thought, Provoking Creativity.